Arctic Human Development Report 2015

Governance in the Arctic: Political Systems and Geopolitics by Greg Poelzer and Gary N. Wilson

  • Posted On: February 17th, 2015

The goals of the second volume of the AHDR – Arctic Human Development Report: Regional Processes and Global Linkages – are to provide an update to the first AHDR (2004) in terms of an assessment of the state of Arctic human development; to highlight the major trends and changes unfolding related to the various issues and thematic areas of human development in the Arctic over the past decade; and, based on this assessment, to identify policy relevant conclusions and key gaps in knowledge, new and emerging Arctic success stories.

This chapter, written by Gary N. Wilson and myself, focuses on governance and examines the main institutional features that influence Arctic governance at the local, regional, national and international levels, with a particular focus on developments since the first Arctic Human Development Report (AHDR, 2004).

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Greg Poelzer

Greg M. Poelzer

Executive Chair, ICNGD and Fulbright Arctic Initiative Scholar

Greg Poelzer is the Founding Director and Executive Chair
of the University of Saskatchewan International Centre for
Northern Governance and Development (ICNGD) and current Fulbright Arctic Initiative scholar. Greg is also the former Dean of Undergraduate Studies at the University of the Arctic and currently leads the UArctic Thematic Network on Northern Governance. His research focuses on comparative politics and policy as it relates to northern regions and to Aboriginal-state relations.

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